#1 Jerk TACTIC That ALL “NICE GUYS” Should Use | Why The Familiarity Principle Attracts Women

#1 Jerk TACTIC That ALL "NICE GUYS" Should Use  | Why The Familiarity Principle Attracts Women

Relationships: Why Do Some People Act Aggressively When They Don’t Get What They Want?

Having needs is part of being human, and while the ideal might be to always have them met, this is not how life works. There will be times when it is not going to be possible for one to have their needs met.

Sociopath/Psychopath, What’s the Difference? And Are You Sleeping With One?

Psychopathy/Sociopathy is a disorder that is widely misunderstood. Few people realize how common this disorder is and just how many people are affected by it. Most people would be shocked to learn how widespread it is. This eye opening article explains the disorder in detail yet in easy terminology.

Relationships: Can Our Perception Of Someone Be Defined By How Other People Describe Them?

There are times when one will meet someone without knowing anything about them and then there are other times when this won’t be the case. In this instance, one will have heard about the other before person they have even met them. When this happens, one can feel as though they already know the other person, and even though they haven’t met them, they may feel the need to behave in a certain way.

3 Reasons Why Forgiveness Can Seem Impossible

WE may wonder why forgiveness is so hard, and there are many reasons why. But there are some reasonable reasons why forgiveness becomes improbable.

Relationships: Why Do Some People Who Are Aware End Up With People Who Are Unaware?

While one can have a clear idea about kind of person they want to be with, it doesn’t mean they will end up with someone who meets their requirements. When this happens, the people around them may say that they expect too much, and this can then cause one to settle for less.

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