#1 Mistake Men Make When Texting A Woman & What To Text A Girl So That She Can’t Wait To “Meet” You

#1 Mistake Men Make When Texting A Woman & What To Text A Girl So That She Can't Wait To "Meet" You

It’s Because of Me That I Feel Alone So Much

SOCIAL media has helped me to find a way into a lonely and dejected place. As I look at the connections I don’t have, and even as I criticise myself for the people I’ve unfriended, because I never heard from them, I find myself lonely. Then there’s the friends I don’t have; those I’ve never been friends with; those I don’t know (but wish I did). I find myself lonely. I find myself ostracised by myself. And even though many of the people I look at have never rejected me, I find myself rejected by them, because I’m susceptible to rejection.

Those Feelings of Hurt Don’t Lie

THERE are two things I’ve learned about relationships. The first is that people appreciate you appreciating them. The second is if you don’t appreciate them you do have another chance: through apology.

Some Traits Men Adore In Women

Women are unique beings. They make life worth living and add colour to their environment. Have you ever thought of a world without these beautifully endowed creatures? I wouldn’t want to imagine it because I know it will be one very boring and torturous experience.

Relationships: Why Do Some People Take Advantage Of People Who Are Kind?

If one had the chance to get something for free, they could either take what they need or they could take as much as they could. Another way of looking at this would be to say that they can act with grace or they can act with greed.

Relationships: Do Some People Only Have Relationships With People Who Make Them Look Good?

When it comes to buying a new car, someone could go for a car that looks the best or they could take their time and see what car they prefer to drive. If they were only buying a car to put on display, it could be said that the first approach would be the best one to take.

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