10 Secrets for a Lasting Relationship (From a Divorced Guy)

10 Secrets for a Lasting Relationship (From a Divorced Guy)

Pretending Not to Be “Who You Really Are” Sabotages Your Intimate Relationships Time and Again

If your relationships fail time and again, isn’t it time for you to begin to understand what’s going on here? Could it be that your present yourself as “loving” and “caring” person, but these behaviors have become so exaggerated to the point of neglecting your own needs within a relationship, a fact that makes others not appreciate and respect you? Could it be that you are driven by needs and fears (of which you might not be aware) which control you and cause you to sabotage your relationships time and again?

A Power We All Wield, Yet So Often Don’t Understand

OH HOW much power we each have! We don’t know or realise, most of the time, just about every given moment, our influence. Without even trying, we, ‘the powerless’, wield such great power. Power of the tongue, influence through action and inaction, the choice of acceptance and rejection, actors for impact every interactive moment of our lives.

Presenting a False Image of You Is Counter-Productive for Having a Successful Intimate Relationship

Many have created a false image of themselves with which they walk around, without realizing the heavy price they pay for doing so. Taking off the mask requires the courage to be authentic and true to yourself and to others. You can then approach relationships with an honest, true image of yourself and become able to develop a loving, caring and mutual intimacy.

Why Do People Really Want to Get Married – Or At Least Be In A Relationship – In Despair?

Some people tend to become desperate in finding for their other halves – “hopeless romantics” as they say – to the point that their situations become worse than expected. Going loco over having as spouse, or at least a boyfriend or girlfriend, has its own aspects similar to that of a human being. Whether a certain reason is good or bad depends on the specific aspect it is connected.

The Mask You Wear to Succeed in Relationships Is the One Which Makes You Fail Time and Again

If you are one of many who have “created” an un-true image of themselves, it is likely that you will have problems establishing an honest and long-lasting intimate relationship. Self-Awareness is the single most important process you can embark on if you truly wish to get in touch with “who you really are”, with your escape routes and damaging behavioural patterns and embark on empowering yourself to finally find a partner with whom to develop a healthy, mutual, loving intimate relationship.

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