10 Signs She’s Testing You And Why She’s Doing It

10 Signs She's Testing You And Why She's Doing It

Melchizedek King of Salem

Melchizedek, who is he? Melchizedek is mentioned three times in the Bible. King of Salem. Where is Salem and what is it called now?

Cunning Fox

Have you heard, “Don’t believe everything that you hear?” How about this one, “He that would live a life of ease speaks not all he knows or all he sees.” We must be mindful that people may deceive us from knowing the truth.

Stay At Home Moms

In my pre-kid life, I never envisioned that some time or another I’d be a housewife-hello, I went poorly graduate school to spend my days evolving diapers. Be that as it may, when I held my first infant, Mathilda, I had an entire difference in heart. When we bolted eyes, every one of those vocation and money related stresses blurred.

The Night Shift

Do you follow the crowd? If yes, the night shift probably is not for you. What is the night shift?

Loving During A Pandemic

It is almost impossible to stage a traditional Valentine’s Day outing when everyone is locked up or wearing masks and distancing at least six feet apart. The days of fancy dinners in exotic locations are out of reach. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy and show love if you are willing to be creative and wise.

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