13 Signs She’s Flirting (CHEAT SHEET)

13 Signs She's Flirting (CHEAT SHEET)

Build Happy Relationships in Just 5 Easy Steps

It took quite a few years when I came to learn that not everything that happens in a romance movie happens in a real relationship. There are stages in our lives where we assume love must be like how we normally see it in movies, books, and TV series.

Real Relationships With Real People

Connecting in inauthentic ways is a serious misnomer on the stage of relational life. We have all tried to get along with people, where neither we nor they could truly be ourselves or themselves. There wasn’t enough trust, or the relationship was forced in some way, or we were just trying too hard. Relationships that are etched in a lack of authenticity are stressful to say the least. Yet, none of us, in this relational way, wants to be a phoney.

I Miss My Girlfriend – How Do I Cope?

No matter how or why a relationship ends, it can be extremely painful. The pain from a breakup can break a heart and pierce a person straight to their soul making them feel as if their world is crumbling down around them. This type of hurt is very difficult to endure and even more difficult to get over.

Using Facebook To Keep A Family Up To Date On A New Member Of The Family

Facebook is a booming social network which many parents use to share photos and events from their baby’s life. Some parents are wary of social networks, and don’t want pictures of their children or themselves to be seen by those they don’t know, so they end up never using them. By learning how Facebook works, parents can still share photos but without them being spread across the internet.

What to Do If Guys Don’t Like You

If you are a woman who is having a hard time with trying to find men then the odds are very good you might be doing something that is clearly turning them off from you. You have to think about the reasons why guys might not like you. This is needed so you might have a better chance with actually improving yourself so guys will be more interested in you after a while.

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