25 Signs to Know if She’s a Keeper | She’s a Keeper IF… Traits of a High Value Woman! HVW

25 Signs to Know if She's a Keeper | She's a Keeper IF... Traits of a High Value Woman! HVW

Does He Love Me Or is He Just Acting Good? Discover How Genuine His Love Really is Towards You

No one is that good an actor that he can pretend all the time. If your guy is just putting up an act, he will give himself away one way or another. To find out, ask yourself the following:

How to Make Your Husband Realize That He is Losing You! Here is How to Make it Obvious to Him

It’s a sad thought, letting a relationship slip away, but if you really want your husband to know that the spark is fading, that he is losing you, then read on: Spend time away from him. Taking a long vacation will help you see things in a different light. You can take the time to evaluate your feelings and the situation, as well as see if you really are losing interest or you just need time for yourself.

How to Make Your Boyfriend Realize He’s Not Treating You Right! Stop Him Right Now

Mutual respect is a very important factor in a relationship, so if you think that your boyfriend is not treating you right, then it’s time to make an honest-to-goodness evaluation. Here are some things you can do that might help in improving your situation: How do you feel about yourself? If your self-esteem is low, if you are feeling downtrodden and irrelevant, then you are communicating this very thing to your boyfriend and to everyone else.

Radical Curiosity

One of the simplest, most peaceful, and fun ways to go through life is with the mindset of absolute curiosity. Axiomatically, one thing of the best things we can do for our relationships is to approach the people with whom we are in relationship with radical curiosity. Why do they do what they do, think what they think, and are interested in the things that they are? It’s all very fascinating. And, it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

Getting Over Your Ex Relationship

Do you feel like you’re staying at the Heartbreak Hotel, friend? Well, don’t be a broken record, you can break out of this heartbreak before the breakfast bell rings. Every one of us has been through this exact same situation.

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