3 Bad Boy “TRICKS” That Any Guy Can Do (Makes Her ADDICTED To You)

3 Bad Boy “TRICKS” That Any Guy Can Do (Makes Her ADDICTED To You)

What Is More Important, Your Device or Your Relationship?

What is more important, is your your Device more valuable than your Relationship, Marriage, and your Children? Do you lose connection in the relationship and use the Device to Replace your Partner? What do you call it when you gave your Device all your attention and none to the family at home or none to the relationship that is so longing for your attention, love and affection?

Do Some People’s Childhood Set Them Up To Feel Smothered When They Experience Intimacy?

When it comes to intimacy, it could be said that there are at least three types of people. There can the ones who want to experience it, the ones who do experience it and the ones who do everything they can do avoid it.

Do You Have Patience?

Has having patience been a challenge for you? Discover an underlying cause of impatience.

Relationships: How Should Someone Respond When Another Person Is Indifferent?

While one can be friends with people who put in as much effort as they do, there is also the chance that this isn’t the case. It could then be said that some of their relationships will be out of balance.

Relationships: When Is It Okay To Call It Quits?

Many of my clients struggle with knowing when it’s the right time to end a relationship. Mary asked me: “I married my first boyfriend 36 years ago and I don’t think I was ever in love or even knew what love meant. I believe now that I ‘escaped’ a codependent relationship with my parents by quitting school and following a seemingly confident young man who made me feel special.

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