5 Signs of a Low Value Toxic Woman – BEWARE!

5 Signs of a Low Value Toxic Woman - BEWARE!

Your Most Important Day

Your Wedding Day is the most important day of your life. Make sure you invest in a wedding album so every detail is never forgotten.

Relationship – One of the Hardest Thing You Can Engage In

A relationship is one of the hardest thing you can engage in and handle easily. Most people even those who prove to be experts in this field have not been able to manage it at least in the first time especially when they were able to enter in on blindly. This has been so even for me in the first few years when i was new in most relationships.

Why Do Men Not Call? 5 Reasons Why He Feels He Can’t Call You Back, Even Though He May Want To!

He’s not calling you, and he even SAID he would. You sit there wondering if you’ve done something wrong, or what’s going on. Is he no longer interested, is your relationship through? Did something happen to him? What’s going on here, and why do men not call….don’t they care?

Why Do Men Get Jealous? 4 Surprising and Eye Opening Truths On Why Men Get Jealous All The Time!

Why do men get jealous? After all, you’re not his property, and he should be able to trust you by now! The nerve he has! You’d swear that sometimes men are more emotional than women! BUT, you’d be surprised as to why men ACTUALLY get jealous so frequently. While you blame him and criticize him for being so jealous, you’ll probably think a lot differently once you understand where it comes from.

Why Do Men Stop Calling Suddenly? 3 Things That Women Do That Make Men Want To Distance Themselves

Everything seemed to be perfectly fine, but out of nowhere he just stops calling suddenly. You struggle to figure out what exactly it was that you said or did, but you can’t seem to figure it out! Why do men stop calling suddenly? Chances are, you’ve done something that has made him distance himself, and it might even be something which you thought was minor, or something which you completely overlooked.

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