5 Tips to Seduce Hot Cashier Girls in Retail, Shops, and Restaurants- Do NOT make these 5 mistakes!

5 Tips to Seduce Hot Cashier Girls in Retail, Shops, and Restaurants- Do NOT make these 5 mistakes!

Building Empathy Through Body Gesture

A helpful approach to use body gesture to generate empathy inside the person looking at you. To get empathy anyone feel like you grasp you since you perceived as the same. This is very helpful for example in neuro-scientific sales, where in a position to establish affinity with customers is vital to determine business model, if customers perceive you just as one equal, as someone you trust, you get more insurance.

Relationships Awareness 4: Identifying the Needs and Fears Which Harm Your Relationships

In the previous unit of Relationships Awareness Mini-Training Series I explained how, as you go through the 7 steps needed to develop Self-Awareness, you can realize the ways in which you sabotage your relationship. The present unit describes how needs and fears you are unaware of might sabotage your relationship – and how, as you develop Self-Awareness, you can identify them.

Celebrating Love, Everyday

When we think about doing something special for our loved ones, usually the time of Valentines come to mind. Why be romantic on only that day? Why not make your love one feel special on any other normal day?

My Journey Towards Compassion

My journey towards compassion is an ongoing one, but the experiences and challenges that I have faced in my life so far have led me to a place which has made me more aware of the importance of being a compassionate person. My hope is that you will have a desire to show compassion to others.

Relationships Awareness 5: Identifying Messages That Control You and Harm Your Relationships

As you grew up you have unconsciously internalized many messages from your home and the environment. As long as you are not aware of the way these messages affect your attitudes, feelings, reactions and behaviors, they might harm your relationships. Developing Self-Awareness, identifying these messages and neutralizing the power they exert over you enables you to behave and react with your partners in healthy and constructive ways.

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