6 BIGGEST FIRST DATE MISTAKES Why She Didn’t Want A Second Date!

6 BIGGEST FIRST DATE MISTAKES Why She Didn’t Want A Second Date!

What’s the True Message When a Guy Says That He Needs Some Space? Now You Will Know What He Means

So your man recently said those dreaded words, “I need some space.” What does that mean exactly, and what does it mean for the relationship?

How Do I Know If He Is Nervous About Marriage? It’s Really Important That You Get This Right Now

Most people get at least a little nervous before their big days, but how do you know if your man or a friend’s man is having a prenuptial freak-out? Here’s some key giveaways: he’s drinking more than usual – if a guy is self-medicating by drinking more than usual, it’s likely an attempt to calm his nerves. He needs an escape from the overwhelming fear and anxiety that he is experiencing regarding the wedding.

How to Play Hard to Get With a Guy – Get the Desired Reaction Out of Him Using These Useful Tips

Playing hard to get is the one of the oldest and most effective tools women have to use on men. Need to know the basics and advanced techniques? Here’s a quick lesson in getting him to want you more.

How Should I Act When My Man Isn’t Treating Me Properly? Here Is the Path You Should Follow

If you feel in your heart that you aren’t being treated right in your relationship, then there is no need to second-guess yourself. Here are some things you can do and ways to react when your guy just isn’t treating you the proper way you deserve. It’s important to see the situation clearly, and you can only do this if you keep your mind rational. Refuse to let your emotions take over, as difficult as this may be.

Get Back at Your Ex With These 5 Sneaky Ideas

It is a fact of life that break ups do happen, and they are nerve wracking, traumatic and maddening. That’s why if you are involved in a relationship that breaks up, you may be thinking that you want to get back at your ex, but is this really the best step to take?

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