6 DIRTY Things Women **SECRETLY** Want You to Do In Bed (But Won’t Say)

6 DIRTY Things Women **SECRETLY** Want You to Do In Bed (But Won’t Say)

No Pregnancy, No Marital Rites

What do we call this? A family with the acceptance of the supposed born again Bro gave a verdict that: No Pregnancy, No Marital Rite! Reason: elder brother’s wife is yet to be pregnant after years of marriage and they don’t want a repeat.

Intimacy: Can It Take A Relationship For Someone To Realise They Are Emotionally Disconnected?

Now that someone is in a relationship, it could be crystal clear that it is hard for them to connect to how they feel. Up until this point, it might not have even occurred to them that this was the case.

See That You Walk Circumspectly

Thinking carefully about everything serves you well and helps you to avoid some of the pitfalls that life throws your way. People will perceive your actions as who you are whether that is true or not. It is important therefore to walk circumspectly as wise people do and not to associate with fools.

Inner Child: Can Someone’s Wounded Inner Child Cause Them To Keep People At A Distance?

After many, many years of pain, one could find that they have the need to keep people at a distance. At this point, it will be clear that it is not other people; it will be the person who they see whenever they look in the mirror. ​ But, although they will now understand that they are the ones who need to change, they could struggle to understand why it has taken them so long to realise this.

Tea, Toast, and Nature, From Our “Stoep”

When we were offered a chance to live in a cottage on a farm, we were delighted to leave the city and couldn’t wait to pack our bags to make the move. The farm was located in the heart of the wheat-lands of the Western Cape, South Africa. It was like an earthly paradise.

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