6 PROVEN Ways to “APPEAR” More Attractive (The SECRET To 10X How You Look)

6 PROVEN Ways to "APPEAR" More Attractive (The SECRET To 10X How You Look)

The Intersting Things I Learn

Every day offers me the opportunity to learn new ideas and to gain perspective. Just when I think a door has closed and I have thus met a blind alley, a new ray shines in and more excitement begins.

Appreciating One’s Culture As Well As Accepting That of Others

Knowing, understanding, and working within relationships is most likely to achieve the best results. Being able to listen, critique, reflect and determine steps forward as a unit most often produces optimal results.

Life in the City After Years Spent in the Country

Retiring to live on a farm in the country was like living in a worldly paradise. The rural way of life exists at a slower pace, achieved without the rush one experiences when living in the city. Neighbours are friendly and caring and the homes not built on top of each other.

Authentic Partnerships Empower

What is an authentic partnership? While we form many partnerships throughout life, some are just temporary, some fall apart over time, but the most valuable ones, the essential partnerships are constructed for the long-term, based on mutual respect and personal regard. How important are authentic partnerships in your life?

Right and Wrong – Polarised Thinking?

People shy away from the notion of right and wrong because it smacks of judgmental and simplistic thinking. Yet we need guidelines to inform proper conduct in the way we relate to each other.

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