6 Tips For Dating a Woman in Her 40s

6 Tips For Dating a Woman in Her 40s

Establishing Relational Peace From Inside Out

We are mirrors of our world. The world appears to us as we see ourselves. If it is a harsh place, we have, perhaps without understanding, nurtured a harsh place within. If it is a place of beauty, it is beauty we have nurtured within. What do we wish to see?

Top Questions About Abusive Relationships

It’s very difficult to identify a relationship that is abusive. Verbal and physical abuse commonly occurs in a relationship and most of the time the victims choose to stay quiet due to fear or ignorance of their legal rights.

Coping With Passive Aggressiveness

Where do we start with passive aggressiveness? It is all around us – in our homes, our workplaces, our shopping centres, and, intermingled with overt aggressiveness, on the roads, too. Whenever someone is nice to our face yet we know their real intent is to backdoor or confound us, we know passive aggressiveness.

Relationship Advice for Couples – How to Have a Great Relationship

Couples have roles to play: Couples have to accept the fact that they both have separate and crucial roles to play in the relationship. No wonder the bible said that a man should love his wife and a woman should respect her husband. This portrays the fact that couples must work and show love to each other in the relationship so as to have a great relationship together.

Why We Hurt Those We Love Most

Abrasions to the psyche occur in the everyday rub of life. Our hearts become hurt, especially when we have no protection-of-God in place. And if we have no safe release regarding recourse to those who inflict hurt on us or cause us to become frustrated, we tend to transfer our hurts onto those we love. This is because we can, and because they are more representations of ourselves than we realise. Why else would we expose ourselves so honestly?

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