9 Tiny Habits To Help You Get A Girlfriend & Improve Life! #wingman #shyguys

9 Tiny Habits To Help You Get A Girlfriend & Improve Life! #wingman #shyguys

Relationship Needs – Tips For Meeting Those Needs

If your relationship needs work and you do not know where to turn, take a minute and read this article. I will give you some tips on how to improve a stagnant relationship.

I Fell in Love With a Cocaine Addict and Survived

I was starving for love and especially to have someone I could love. I was a young mother of a darling, two-year-old daughter and recently freed from a loveless marriage that had lasted all of four years when I met him. He was cute and charming and blond and blue-eyed and completely captivating. I fell hard.

Moving On After A Relationship

No matter what conditions brought you to your situation of single parenting, the reality is the person who was the most important entity for you before, with whom you once shared intimacy is gone. Life has to move on for both of you, not together, but independent of each other.

Finding The Right Mr Right

Are you looking for Mr right? Do you want a guy to share things with? Most girls do want a special someone to go on dates with so you are not alone in this desire. It is nice to have someone to share your favorite things with. The problem is, knowing how to make the guy notice you.

What Men Want In A Woman: How To Become The Woman Every Men Wants

We don’t give men as much credit as they deserve sometimes. They appear simple on the outside, but in actually there are complex creatures. Becoming irresistible to any men requires having an understanding of how they work and then using that understanding to your advantage.

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