A Simple Sign That You Need to Breakup with Your Girlfriend: You’re in the Comfort Zone #Shorts

A Simple Sign That You Need to Breakup with Your Girlfriend: You’re in the Comfort Zone #Shorts

How to Choose a Spouse

Marriage can be a nightmare or a “heaven on earth” experience. The choice is in both the partners. The road of marriage is long and full of adventure. Why do I call it adventure? Here is a person you met as a stranger; you do not know their background yet you get so attracted to them and feel you can begin a new life together. The future looks bright and you are all in for a great time. Then “bam!” all hell breaks loose. Was it infatuation or was it love? It is hard to tell at the beginning but how can we try to avoid the most common mistake? I don’t think I love you anymore I am seeing someone else.

Being Happily Misunderstood

None of us wants to be misunderstood, but the fact is we’ll often be misunderstood. We don’t need to be rude or uncouth in response. It’d be far better to learn how to be happily misunderstood.

Relationship Wisdom – How To Negotiate a Couple’s Time

Being or becoming a couple means finding a balance between couple’s time and individual time. The amount of time will be different from couple to couple and it will also depend on the relationship stage that you are currently in. Let’s find out how you can manage this time to suit you personal needs.

A Dysfunctionally Functioning Family

I know I am not alone when I say that I have a dysfunctionally functioning family. Based on all the research I have done, and people I have spoken to, it is more common to have a dysfunctionally functional family rather than one that is “healthy.”

Alternatives To Hooking Up

Parents have a duty towards their children, and it’s not just about supporting them and helping them to succeed in life – it’s also about sharing wisdom and helping them see when they’re going wrong. What should we do, when we see our young people disappear off the right road and plough down a miserable and misguided path? Young people may believe that they are clever and that their new ideas are better. But they could be wrong.

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