Are Racial Dating Preferences Racist?

Are Racial Dating Preferences Racist?

Why You Should Never Break Up a Couple So That You Can Get Back With Your Ex

The temptation to break up a couple just to get back with your ex might be irresistible. You might have several reasons why this idea has come up in your mind. But no matter what your reasons might be, you have to remember that it is always a bad idea to break up a couple in order for you to have your way.

How To Determine If Someone Is a Liar By Observing Their Body Language

Determining if someone is lying to you by observing their body language is possible. However it requires training and much practice. You do not want to judge someone a liar based on their body language if you do not have the proper training in this type of activity.

What Can Help You Decide Whether to Stay in a Rotten Relationship or Leave?

Whether you decide to stay a rotten relationship or leave is up to you. But you can make a proper decision only when you are aware of your fears and needs, of what might keep you hanging on to a partner which is not for you, in a relationship which is not healthy and satisfying. Only then – when you become aware – you are able to make a conscious decision which will bring you to the shores of a better intimacy.

The Art of Conversation

Do you have mostly one-way or two-way conversations? What kind of conversationalist are you?

Truth, Connection, Intimacy and God

It’s a mystery to me when, in relating with someone, I feel that special bond between them and I, such that I can be myself. I’m thinking of a particular person right now, a person who has had many struggles with depression and anxiety, a person who has significant daily challenges, but a person who seems to be more comprehensively authentic than most.

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