Are You Dating An EMOTIONALLY DAMAGED WOMAN? (7 Signs You Might Be An ABUSED MAN!)

Are You Dating An EMOTIONALLY DAMAGED WOMAN? (7 Signs You Might Be An ABUSED MAN!)

Overcoming Jealousy and Jealous Feelings

Overcoming jealousy is actually quite simple, it’s not easy, but to break down the mechanisms that for jealous feelings is simple to comprehend. Simply put, jealousy is trying to control another person so they don’t do things that make you feel uncomfortable, for example; if he looks at other women this fires off unwanted emotional reactions in me based on beliefs about my own shortcomings or low self esteem. Let’s not get this confused with envy where we may be envious of something a person owns or has done.

How to Get a Busy Guy to Show Interest in Me Again? Here Is the Path You Need to Follow Right Now

It’s only natural for you to feel let down and neglected if your guy has started ignoring you of late even though he showed you that he was crazy over you! If he insists that he is too busy to give you time, then you should consider the possibility that he could be losing interest in you. In order to get him interested again, you could try out these tips.

The Truth Behind How Women Truly Think! Here Are the Answers Most Men Always Look for

One of the most frustrating aspects about a relationship between a man and a woman is that the man never really truly knows what the woman is thinking. It is a tendency for women to expect a man to read between the lines, and almost be a mind reader at times. Here are seven areas of life that women give great thought to in respect to the men in their lives.

Is He Emotionally Attached to Me Now? Discover How to Know If He Is Really Into You at the Moment

It is possible that you have a great relationship going with your guy; the sex is great and he treats you like his lady but somehow you feel that there is something missing or you feel that there is a void that needs to be filled. Well, it might just be a case where he likes you without having any emotional attachment with you. If want to know if that is the case or not then read on.

ABCs of Getting Your Ex Back Fast!

Breaking up with your lover in most cases is a painful experience. One of the numerous things that goes on through your head after such breakup is getting back together with your ex. After weighing your options careful, you need to find out if this is what both of you want.

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