Are You Passionate About Your Career? #Shorts

Are You Passionate About Your Career? #Shorts

5 Things Men Look for in Women

Sadly, many men are labeled as being superficial in their thoughts and wants when searching for a woman. Surprisingly, there are quite a few men out there who are less superficial and are actually very realistic in their thoughts and wants concerning their women of interest.I have compiled a list of the top five things many men look for in women.

Learning To Trust Again

One of the things that is so difficult to mend and repair is trust. Once it is broken, it is not easy to bring it back to where it was. Trust is earned, and it takes time before it is entrusted to someone simply because there are fears and doubts that need to be overcome. Once that bridge of uncertainty is crossed, then trust begins.

The Final Frontier of Forgiveness

The arrangement of compassion is not a difficult task if we begin to view people as God does. Fraught with all kinds of faults, we look gentler over our contemporaries… Oh merciful heart of God, look past our transgressions for withholding mercy. Help us instead to withhold our judgment and punishment of those we struggle to forgive. Amen.

Holding Someone’s Secret

I got to wondering recently whether there was possibly a better privilege than being trusted with somebody’s secret – and then I thought about the burden involved. When someone shares a secret with us, they usually do so because it is somewhat dark, but sometimes it can be good news. Whatever it is they share with us in confidence we are trusted to hold the secret. This is assuming the secret doesn’t involve unreconciled criminal activity and the like – nobody should be expected to bear that type of secret. Yet sometimes people share all sorts of things about themselves with us. How do we hold these things? And when is it appropriate to let go?

Love for Others Begins Within

Relationships with others begin from within. If we would seek to love another we must first seek to love ourselves. When we accept ourselves, and we can access freedom from self-imposed pressure and self-condemnation, we more easily accept others.

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