Avoid This SIMP Behavior At ALL Costs (You do this and don’t know it)

Avoid This SIMP Behavior At ALL Costs (You do this and don't know it)

Pros and Cons of Dating Someone Inside the Office

Dating someone inside the office used to be forbidden but now, it is becoming a trend and companies usually encourage their workers to date someone their own even the CIA encourages their agents to date one of their own. It used to be awkward to date someone inside the office knowing full well that it might have an impact on how we do our jobs. And with that, knowing your limitations is essential to keeping your relationship alive.

How Do We Stop Our Inner Critics From Dating Our Spouses?

Whether it’s work, kids or other life stressors, our relationships can bear the brunt of our bad moods. In fact, left to their own devices, our own Inner Critics can find ways to interact with our mate’s Inner Critic. If that happens, it’s guaranteed we’re not really arguing about the topic at hand and, instead, are on auto-pilot, in which our less-than-stellar qualities are battling it out. How can we recognize our inner critics and ensure they don’t “date” each other? Read this article to find out.

How to Keep Your Man’s Attention on You – 7 Really Good Ways to Always Keep Him Super Hooked

You probably don’t want to experience what other women are complaining about – and this is how painful it is to see the man that they love ogling over other women. Here are some tips that would help you keep your man for good: Be the best woman that you can be. He would surely not bother to check out other girls if he already has the prettiest.

Being Self-Compassionate Can Bring You Closer To Others

Many of us feel as thought there is something inappropriate with showing compassion to ourselves, as if it is a specific type of sinful pleasure. We tend to think that there’s always someone in existence who has it “worse than we do.”  Maybe these thoughts come from our culture.

Steps to Becoming a Man Magnet – Everything That You Need to Turn Into the Most Desirable Siren

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if you get your wish to become a magnet to man? Becoming an attractive woman has got a lot to do with how much you can charm a man but, of course, this isn’t everything. There are other things that you need to learn in order to make him take a second look at you.

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