Best Bumble Prompt Answers For Guys Who Want 5x More Matches

Best Bumble Prompt Answers For Guys Who Want 5x More Matches

Don’t Let Your Perception of Reality Harm Your Relationship: Become Aware and Save Your Intimacy

You often hang on to your perception of reality, of how things “should be”, and don’t see how, by doing so, you harm the relationship. Becoming aware of your perception of reality and the factors which influence it enables you to become flexible, come towards your partner and develop a constructive, satisfying intimacy.

Christian Relationship Help: Do Christians Have Rights in Relationships?

Are you looking for Christian relationship help? It is often said that Christians need to lay down their rights in relationships to please God, but a closer look at what the Bible says about Christians having rights in relationships reveals a different perspective.

Christian Relationship Help: “Turn the Other Cheek” in Your Difficult Relationships

This Christian relationship help will enable you to apply the biblical teaching to “turn the other cheek” in your difficult relationships. Some interpret this part of Jesus’ teaching to condone passivity toward someone who would take advantage of you, but is that what it really means?

Omission of Truth – The Lies of Silence

It is often not what is said but what is not said that is indicative of the truth. Most leaders in politics, religion, commerce or industry know the advantage of omission. Rather than tell unpalatable truths they will remain silent on issues that serve to disadvantage them.

How Do I Show A Girl I’m Not Like Other Guys?

This is a question we all ask ourselves as young men. The short and simple answer is you don’t want to be unlike other guys.

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