Best Tinder Pictures for Guys That’ll 3x Your Matches!

Best Tinder Pictures for Guys That'll 3x Your Matches!

Making People Give Their Very Best

Every person has a special gift, talent, and ability that God has placed inside of her for the fulfillment of the vision that God has called her to fulfill. Just as finding that vision is a part of this journey, so is developing this foreordained gift. It takes a good motivator to help someone not only discover her vision but bring out and harness her God-given talents and abilities.

How To Handle Difficult Relationships

Sometimes it can seem like an uphill battle to keep all of the people in our lives happy. Spending time and with a partner or best friend might be joyous, but often, when it comes to ‘perfectionist’ mother, ‘pushy’ business colleague, ‘interfering’ aunt or ‘demanding’ father, we are faced with a real challenge. Assuming you want to keep these people in your life, here are some tips that I’ve found can help develop a relationship that works:

The Importance of Couple’s Awareness to Maintaining a Successful Intimate Relationship: 5 Guidelines

Many think that a relationship – as good as it might be at the beginning – changes over time. Sex diminishes and the routine settles in. Boredom finds its place; habit too. A day goes and a day comes, and there is nothing new and exciting any more! But it is possible to use Couple’s Awareness to maintain a long-lasting satisfying relationship.

Father and Daughter Connection

I was in my early 20’s when I read an article on Father-Daughter connection that made me shiver in tears. It was an article that spoke so deep in my soul. It made me understand a lot of things about myself but at the same time it made me so mad at my dad for not fulfilling his role as a father to me.

Tips for Men – After the Breakup

Informational articles, self help books, television shows and practically the whole world seems to talk about breaking up and divorce – from the woman’s point of view. As a man do you wonder what you should do when your wife leaves you or who will help you through a divorce or break up?

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