Dating Coaches Help You Meet Your Goals #Shorts

Dating Coaches Help You Meet Your Goals #Shorts

Friends With Benefits – Not Only For Men

There are grown woman who can make their own choices and is secure within themselves. These are women who are too busy to have a serious and committed relationship so when they want to have their needs met, they have a friend who they can trust, who will come over for the night when called or pre-arranged.

Do You Come To Your Partner Open And/or Happy?

On a recent visit with my daughter and her family, she and I were taking a walk and talking about our mutual work. “I read a lot of books about relationships that offer suggestions for how to approach your partner to get your partner to connect with you,” she said. “These books do a great job of describing the ways we behave that cause relationship disconnection-which is helpful-but I have not found it helpful with my husband to TRY to get him to connect with me.

Do You Want To Connect With Your Partner?

Most people want connection with their partner. Discover what you might be doing that leads to disconnection.

Is There Such A Thing As Healthy Caretaking?

A client of mine asked, “Is there such a thing as healthy caretaking?” Here is the answer!

Have You Fallen Out of Love With Your Partner?

Are you contemplating leaving your partner because you have fallen out of love? Read this first!

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