Does She Like Me or Is She Just Being Friendly? #Shorts

Does She Like Me or Is She Just Being Friendly? #Shorts

Should You Have the Serious Talk With Him? Solid Advice Which Will Put an End to Your Confusion

So where is this going? Where do we stand? Is this going anywhere? These are some of the sentences almost every man fears. But do you know that if you have to ask him such a thing then you are already on the wrong track.

A Healthy Relationship

When we begin a new relationship or we are attempting to rebuild a shattered one, we tend to wear our best face. As our romance progresses, we begin to reveal our inner selves, the good and the bad, as we express our thoughts, beliefs, and judgments.

Dating – 3 Tips For Building A Successful Relationship

Did you finally get the man you have been seeing for some weeks to ask you out? You must be over the moon! You are now in a relationship like the rest of your friends and to top it all; you are dating the man of your dreams. Starting a new relationship gives a tremendous feeling. To make dating fun and the relationship to last longer, there are some things you need to know.

Rejection: Shunned by Man – Welcomed by God

Occasionally others share with me their experiences with rejection. Their heart-break saddens me deeply. Sometimes these stories come to me from seemingly peaceful, picture perfect, “got it together” relationships – at least from the outside. Yet on the inside, there is a different reality. This reality is where the core of heartbreak, pain and depression surfaces as a result of the lack of compassion, lack of unconditional love, lack of understanding and lack of acceptance of others.

New (or Old) Relationship? Watch Your Language!

Shortly after meeting, Barb says to Jane, “My husband doesn’t talk to me,” and Jane replies, “Neither does mine.” The two of them have an instant bond.

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