Don’t Have Booze In Your Dating Profile #Shorts

Don't Have Booze In Your Dating Profile #Shorts

How To Talk To Your Honey About Money

Financial stress is named as one of the primary reasons for divorce. Money is second only to infidelity as the most popular cause of marital breakup.

When Anger, Disappointment and Expectations Ruin Good Relationships

It seems as though we have all disappointed our parents. Whether it was in failing to achieve the goals they had for us, or something much more sinister, is beside the point. We failed to live up to their expectations. Then it became our turn to be the parent. Try as we might we attempted not to load up our kids with expectations. And then we learned some of these expectations were natural, because we wanted the best for them. Only later did we find out how much pressure these expectations foisted upon them. We experienced guilt. They, like we, did their reasonable best to meet these expectations. But whoever fails to meet another’s expectations evokes anger and disappointment on the part of the other. Such a stain on the psyche can last years, and in some cases a lifetime.

The Heart: Why Do Some People Close Their Heart?

When it comes to relationships with other human beings and with life itself; the heart has a unique purpose. At an emotional level; the left side (feminine) of the heart allows one to receive and the right side (masculine) of the heart allows one to give.

5 Important Questions To Ask Before Getting Married

Getting married is exciting, but it’s also a huge decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’re eager to walk down the aisle, but unsure whether you’ve found the right person to do it with, ask yourself the following five questions before you agree to say “I do”…

Buying Diamond Rings on a Budget

Sometimes the sky is not the limit when you are shopping for an engagement ring. Usually you will have a budget that you are going to have to stay within. Affordable is the keyword here, since many buyers are duped into paying a lot more for a diamond than the real value. Here are a few tips you may find useful when looking for affordable engagement rings. First of all, let’s get familiar with what features make a rock great in terms of quality. Colour, cut, clarity.

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