Don’t Make This Dating App Mistake! #Shorts

Don’t Make This Dating App Mistake! #Shorts

Lessons Learned From 9-11 Bystanders

This is a tribute to innocent bystanders on September 11 and the lessons learned. The innocent lives lost is not in vain.

How to Make Your Relationship Work Even If It Is Difficult!

Broken relationships may leave two people scarred and the situation makes it difficult for either of them to trust the other again. This is usually the case when two people within a relationship are unable to settle for a compromise which results in recurring fights and misunderstandings. Fortunately, there are many ways on how to make your relationship work no matter how difficult it may seem.

Are You Looking For Your Soul Mate? Try A Different Approach!

Dating can be a lot more complicated than the movies make it out to be. But that does not have to mean you are unable to achieve success in your efforts!

30 – Divorced, Engaged and Now Single

In June this year I hit a major life milestone, I left behind the days that were my 20’s and opened up the next chapter of my 30’s. Like most young people, I had a plan of what and how I wanted my life to look like when I turned 30 and typically it involves being married, having the house and having children. My 30th year was the closure of this chapter of thinking and the beginning of a completely new direction in my life, some of the major changes that happened within a matter of weeks…

Why People Sabotage Their Love Relationships By Using Passive Aggressive Behaviors

When a husband disconnects from his spouse by doing passive aggressive behaviors, he is using an old defense against what he imagines is a painful intrusion or control attempt by her. The truth is that he carries a primitive model of insecure attachment which forces him to mistrust the bonds with other people and end up refusing to engage with others. This causes the “lonely marriage” paradox: why marry if you don’t want to share yourself with others? In the end, he wishes he could, but fear of abandonment gets the best of him and then he has to withdraw from deeply connecting in silence and secrecy. Even worst, he can’t explain what happens to her, so she will experience his silence as his abandonment of her… and so it goes.

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