Don’t Use This Picture On Your Dating Profile! #Shorts

Don't Use This Picture On Your Dating Profile! #Shorts

Can You Avoid Impending Arguments? How Mindfulness Can Help

You can tell there’s a storm brewing in your relationship. Your partner looks angry – you can see it. You know he/she is getting close to the boiling point. What do you do?

Forgiveness Wins

The biggest test of our lives is to forgive. And while most of life we may get to live serendipitously, there are always parts when we are tested relationally. There will always come a time when we will be required to forgive. And if we don’t, we lose.

Buying Your Rebound Dog

This article addresses the process of picking out your new life partner/puppy and comparing and contrasting it to picking out a man. There are a lot of similiarities in shopping for either: cost (to your soul) background, temperament, the pitfalls of buying based on looks. I’ve learned the hard way on all counts and hope you enjoy my experiences.

What Is A Twin Flame?

It is believed that each and every individual in the universe has a mirror image of them. It is perceived that a twin flame is the other half that makes one feels complete. Twin flame reunion is characterized by a deep sense of recognition. You might be surprised to find that at the first sight of a person you feel like you have known them for a long time. The attraction is defined by a particular energy that flows between the twins.

Why Can’t I Get A Boyfriend?

Do you have a problem getting and keeping a boyfriend? Some reasons why you can’t get a boyfriend.

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