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emlovz welcome video

Make Him Or Her Fall In Love Again

Do you feel like your relationship is not as spontaneous or exciting as it once was? When you start to get this feeling, it may be time to find out what the problem is and what you can do about it. What you must do is find out how to bring back some life back into your relationship so it does not end in a break up.

Silent Treatment In Relationships: How To Deal With It

You have probably encountered the silent treatment in relationships, where your partner will ignore you, pretending that you’re not there. This article shows you 5 steps to deal with it and fix your relationship issue.

What Is Co-Dependency? Part I

Countless women I see are struggling with issues of codependency and it’s killing their relationships (men can also be codependent). The tip off for me of codependence is desperation to make a relationship work despite countless signs that it’s not a healthy relationship. The person may be in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship yet stay for years because they “love” the abuser for example.

Steps to Stop Being Co-Dependant? Part II

My last article talked about what Co-dependence is and how it shows up in people’s lives. Although it’s great to have insight into what codependence looks like, it’s even more important to be able to stop codependent behaviors. Below are several tips to stop codependency. Keep in mind that it is often helpful to seek out professional help to assist you on this journey of healing from codependency.

My Soulmate – You Had Me at Hello!

Sound familiar… or should I say feel familiar? All too often we meet that once in a lifetime person to share that once in a lifetime experience, and when this happens the ripple effects are life altering to say the least.

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