“Emotional Tapping” | How To Emotionally Connect To Women & Build Attraction | Flirting Tips 2019

"Emotional Tapping" | How To Emotionally Connect To Women & Build Attraction | Flirting Tips 2019

How To Have A Good Night Call Which Brings Him Closer

Saying Good Night Never Felt So Good… Knowing how to say good night on a phone call will bring your relationship closer.

When Will He Call? The Waiting Game

One of the most common questions I get asked as a psychic is: “when will he (or she) call?” This usually comes on the heels of one of two potential relationship scenarios: 1: they’ve made a connection with someone who seemed promising at the time but hasn’t followed up; or 2: there’s been discord in an existing relationship and no one has called to try to make things right.

Thoughts on God, Man and Life

Do you not think it is time to take God seriously? If you look back on your life, are there not some things you wish you had not done? Sure! We all have!

Passing On Ego Clashes To Next Generation

When we socialize, there will be ego clashes. In a marriage, the spouses too have ego clashes. The spouses grow old and their children get married. The second generation of spouses too gets bogged down in ego clashes. Ego clashes are the most important cause of unhappiness in married life, which often leads to divorces. Will the ego clashes between spouses keep occurring till eternity? If only God blesses humanity with more tolerance of other’s views, the world will be a peaceful place to live in harmony.

Choosing Your Battles Carefully

Not every battle is worth dying on the hill for so choose your battles carefully. What is important today will probably not be important five or ten years from now.

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