Ep. 315 How To ROCK A 1st Impression IRL & Online (Ask Women Podcast)

Ep. 315 How To ROCK A 1st Impression IRL & Online (Ask Women Podcast)

Relationships: Why Do Some People Feel Empty When They Are Not In A Relationship?

There are some people who not only feel comfortable in a relationship; they also feel comfortable when they are not in one. This means that their boundaries are strong enough for them to open up and to experience intimacy without losing who they are.

Do We Expect Too Much From a Relationship?

Most women want a partner who is a good companion, who listens to her, and who enjoys her company more than giving her material things as a substitute. She wants to be loved and appreciated.

What Animals Reveal About Why We Kiss

Why do we kiss? Scientists speculate that we get information about hormone levels, health, and even relatedness, by kissing. And we aren’t the only ones who do it. Whether given as a greeting, a sign of affection, or tentatively in those first stirrings of attraction kissing happens in a variety of animals from ants to prairie dogs.

Fake It Til You Make It

Where do you hold yourself back? How can you become the person you want to be? What will it take to “make it”?

Round And Round It Goes – Which Country Nobody Knows! Keeping Perspective While Changing Lives

Travel for me has always been a stress reliever, an apprenticeship of life, a dream experience where I could safely observe cultures, languages and people, participating in them as much or as little as I wanted. Its’ part of who I am. I doesn’t make me impulsive, or illogical. The objectivity in my panoramic perspective is still there. The answer to the ultimate question of happiness is within reach.

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