Ep. 316 Top 10 Dating Mistakes Men Made In 2019 & How To Avoid Them In 2020 (Ask Women Podcast)

Ep. 316 Top 10 Dating Mistakes Men Made In 2019 & How To Avoid Them In 2020 (Ask Women Podcast)

Be Your Own Savior

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Don’t depend on someone else to make you happy or solve all your problems. You have to take responsibility for as much of your life as you can because you never know when you might have to be your own savior.

Relationships: Does The Fear Of Abandonment Stop You From Leaving A Relationship?

While someone can have relationships that they want to be in, they can also have relationships that they don’t want to be in. This doesn’t mean that one will no longer spend time with these people though; as they might still spend time with them.

The Amazing Glory

Lord of bounty, offer us your courage to face life’s challenges with wisdom. We ask this through Christ, our Lord the Savior. Challenges transformed through a glorious victory means dearly to us, your apostles.

Things You Can Do When You Are Bored

It is natural to sometimes feel bored. If you allow it to get to you, it is easy to find yourself getting into things that are not really helpful or positive. Boredom can actually lead to bad habits when you are not very sure of what to do to kill the boredom. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do as soon as you start feeling bored to make sure that you remain in line and doing only positive things. Where you are at that particular time will determine the options you have open to you.

How To Attract Healthy Relationships

Ever been involved in a relationship that you, or someone you knew, considered unhealthy? In this article I explore what it takes to start attracting the healthy supportive relationships we all long for.

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