Ep. 325 Top 3 Secrets About ALL Beautiful Women (Dan Bacon)

Ep. 325 Top 3 Secrets About ALL Beautiful Women (Dan Bacon)

Every Man’s Birthday Wish

ASKING God, “What shall I write?” is a question anticipating an answer. It doesn’t take long to come. On my birthday I ask this and this is the inspiration I’m given: “Write to those you love, and who love you.” So, it’s a letter… a letter titled, EVERY MAN’S BIRTHDAY WISH.

12 Reasons Other People’s Distance Is Not About You

“THEY don’t like me!” That was how I would so often think when I was in school. “They don’t approve of what I do,” is also another thing I imagined my managers doing, when I was in the workplace, especially when I was young and in the party scene. “They don’t like what I write,” is sometimes a refrain that goes through my head when friends ‘ignore’ what I do. But all of these attitudes demonstrate cataclysmic assumption.

Relationships: Why Are People Who Act Superior Attracted To People Who Act Inferior?

In a relationship were each person is at the same level, one person is not going to see themselves as being above the other. This is not to say that each person is at the same level materially, for instance, but this is not going to affect the amount of respect they have for each other.

Taking Wisely the Counsel of the Years

IMPORTANCE is relative. The counsel of the years tells us that what we think is worth getting upset over now we will probably laugh about in a decade. Yet those things that might concern us a decade from now, as we look at them now, confuse us as to exactly how to handle them.

Charging Ahead With Your Head When Your Heart Lags Behind

In particular relation to forgiveness, when we cast our nets, looking for a catch of healing, we often cast them to the wrong side for a while. And we catch nothing but more anger and resentment. Our nets are our capacity to resolve the crisis that has swarmed into and commandeered our lives. Our casting is our effort. Our nets are designed to help us get through. Our casting merely needs to be directed in the right direction; in the right place – there we will find what we have been looking for for a long time now.

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