Ep. 327 How To Turn Rejection Into POWER With Women

Ep. 327 How To Turn Rejection Into POWER With Women

In Love With Your Best Friend’s Spouse

How will you feel when you realized that your best friend’s spouse is in love with you? That will be very difficult to disclose to your best friend for fear of a break-up in the friendship.

How To Choose Your Right Partner

If wishes were horses, beggars will stop riding after they have fulfilled their cherished dream of getting what they really want in life. This is the limitation of capturing your heart’s desire. The desire of getting what you really want and not what is readily available.

10 Little Things That Go a Long Way In Relationships

Most people are reasonable, though relational. They don’t need all we might think they are asking for. They are not as unreasonable as they sound. They don’t think like we think. And they are not wrong because they are different to us.

11 Ways to a Heart of Compassion

COMPASSION is a heart that believes in another’s best when they feel they’re the worst. We all have such times when we feel worthless and useless, and who we need is someone with compassion; that they might genuinely see us, as we are, as worthy individuals of esteem in, and especially in, God’s company.

How Do We Touch People’s Lives?

If you know me well, you know cemeteries intrigue me. I will always, almost subconsciously, comment on one when we drive by it and will almost always, beg a family member to walk around one when I find one interesting. Since we moved downtown I have been begging family members, even those who visit from out of state, to walk around Mt.

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