First Date Ideas for an Easy Lay with a ‘Good Girl’- Where to go on a first date

First Date Ideas for an Easy Lay with a 'Good Girl'- Where to go on a first date

Getting Back to Your Ex-Lover

Getting back to your ex-lover is not as easy as you think it is. In fact, it is a much greater challenge than wooing her the first time. So be very careful.

Here’s a Quick Way to Find Out About People

We are just mere human beings that don’t have memories which can store for ages. Unlike computers it can store old or new memories and it lasts long. Some people had a hard time to remember their old friends, or even classmates.

Interracial Dating: Can My Heart Love Who I Want?

Every now and then I will hear someone say to me “I can’t believe you are dating her!” Naturally, my next thought is: what’s so hard to believe? While there’s never a concrete answer, the next statements always imply that this person is not good enough for me because we are not the same. For that matter, none of us are the same; you are you and I am me for a reason, therefore, it would make sense that she is not the same as me.

Why Are Men Getting Worse In The Way They Treat Women? – Guess Who’s At Fault?

In order to follow the reasoning put forth here you need to familiarize yourself with the Law of Nature known as The Mammalian Way. You’ll learn how our natural instincts rule when we are around the opposite sex. And if we don’t know how these instincts operate, they will cause us pain.

How To Charm Girls

Are you having challenges attracting the girl of your dream? You rather should be having fun charming that girl you’ve been eyeing for some time now. How can you call her attention, attract and keep her without looking foolish? You will learn all you need to get a girl of your choice.

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