Fix ‘THESE” 5 Style Mistakes to Turn More Women ON | Attract More Women

Fix 'THESE" 5 Style Mistakes to Turn More Women ON | Attract More Women

Forgiveness – Cheque, Savings, or Credit

Dealing with conflict can be as simple as thinking through how to pay for the trouble conflict brings. We might think, “Why should I need to pay? I did nothing to create this mess I’m in.” Whether that’s true or not is irrelevant – this situation of conflict is what it is, and there’s no skirting around it as if we could pretend it wasn’t there. It’s there, and it’s up to us to sort it out. If we won’t nobody else will do it for us.

Forgiveness – As Simple As Forgetting About Right and Wrong

Some time ago I learned a painful but fruitful lesson – people, all people, are sinners, and I cannot expect perfection from any of them, even of those who are mature in the faith. I cannot even expect them to behave ‘morally’ (it’s impossible to settle on an ethic that could be fairly and agreeably applied). We’re all corrupt. And this is wonderful news; we’re all benefactors of God’s gracious forgiveness as an example of the forgiveness we’re to graciously bestow.

Georgian and Victorian Intimate Secrets

The Georgians and Victorians have a stereotypical reputation as being repressed and reserved about their sexuality and sexual lives. This is largely undeserved as I discovered through my research recently.

Getting Out of Your Own Way: The 3-Step Wardrobe Plan to Have Him Forget the Other Woman

Do you feel like your man isn’t noticing you anymore? Do you walk by him in the living room and his eyes never stray from the video game, Walking Dead episode, or Lakers game? Are you worried that maybe some other woman is catching his eye?

Forgiveness Within a Broken World

FROM where we’ve come from, we’ve spoken a lot about forgiveness being an act of obedience over justice, that it’s not about justice at all, and yet that it’s all about justice. Those three previous articles have presumed that forgiveness is an-easy-to-understand transaction. To a point, it needs to be. Forgiveness needs to be about obeying God, and not haggling about justice.

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