FWB With My Friend? #Shorts

FWB With My Friend? #Shorts

Who Can You Trust These Days?

We live in skeptical times but life has always been about mutual dependence. We all need to rely on other people to a varying extent. But will people really do what they say they will do? Will they keep secret that personal information you shared? Will they look after your pet properly when you are away? Choosing who to count on isn’t always easy.

Is Submission a Dirty Word?

In this article permit me to talk about a very sensitive subject. It is the question of what is good about submission, and to posit the belief that a healthy family relationship can be fostered from the behavior. There may well be a wellness that is inherent in submission.

The Gift of a Simple Kindness Shared

Humanity makes complicated what God intended to be easy. When it comes to loving people through their problems, we make much ado about listening well and attending to the little nuances of another person’s felt need. Much of the time, however, we either underestimate or overestimate what people actually need. We misunderstand easily.

You Think You Make Conscious Decisions About Your Intimate Relationships? Think Twice!

You may think that you make decisions logically and thoughtfully, out of awareness to your needs and will. That, however, is not always the case. Your decisions and choices are controlled by the messages you internalized, perception of reality you have developed, fears, expectations and fantasies. These all influence the way you react and behave in your relationships.

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