Hack For People Pleasers Who Are Dating #Shorts

Hack For People Pleasers Who Are Dating #Shorts

9 Ways You Can Tell That Your Relationship Is Over

Have you been wondering if your waning relationship is worth saving? Here’s how to tell if the relationship is really over. Your mate stops apologizing for hurting your feelings If your mate doesn’t at least acknowledge that they have hurt you, it could mean that they have stopped caring about your emotional state.

Why Men Lie? The Three Most Common Reasons

Women often complain about men being dishonest to them and how painful it is to be lied to. Everyone knows that life could be so much easier if people always said the truth instead, but one of the main issues that people need to understand is the reason why men lie.

Understanding Resistance In Relationships

Whether we like it or not resistance is everywhere, within our turning world by friction, within our relationships in the tugging to and fro of interaction, and even within our minds and hearts when we perceive things through our filters of judgment. Resistance is not always a bad thing. Indeed, it is often a good thing, through the exercise of discernment.

Loving the Messiness of Life

Relationships are often the crucible, as they show us where we are stuck, how we are hiding, and present dilemmas to us. When we are able to assume responsibility for our growth, learn to speak the truth in love, and stand on our own two feet, we move forward.

Intimacy: True Love of a Higher Calling – Staying in the Fire

The staying in my blood transformed into something else as my marriage progressed. It became an independent road map of self inquiry. What did healthy staying feel like? How did it make me feel alive and true to myself? How did I stay with my own values and needs? This impasse of conflict forced me to create, uncover, strip my ego, my resistance, even my scorn against love. But in the quiet of my heart, the whispers of my soul showed me the fire to stay and find out what true love meant to me. It was my choice, who I stayed and did not stay with.

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