High Maintenance Vs High Standard Women (Is She Worth It?🚩)

High Maintenance Vs High Standard Women (Is She Worth It?🚩)

How to Tell If He Doesn’t Plan on Committing! Don’t Waste Your Time and Figure It Out Right Away

Are you a woman who is afraid of being dumped? There are men who date their women but have no plans of committing! Don’t be taken in by shows of affection and love! These may prove false and you can end up heartbroken. Take a look at these tips and find out if your man is planning on committing to you.

Power Differential and Age in Relationships

In this article I will challenge the notion that when an older person dates a significantly younger partner, it has to do with control and power issues. It is true many men or women date younger people partly because it gives them control in the relationship. They are older, presumably wiser, and generally are more established in their career and more financially secure. Although the older person may sometimes have the power, perhaps we need to look beyond these stereotypes and explore some of the other dynamics that take place in the power differential of a romantic relationship.

Relationships Break Up Leading to Escalating Divorce Statistics

Our modern lifestyle has reduced the importance of relationships, which has drastically escalated the divorce rate. Only fifty percent of marriages are able to survive in developed countries. The situation has become alarming and needs something to be done immediately.

To Be Or Not To Be [Celibate] – THAT Is the Question

The biggest public debate on Celibacy in the Catholic Church is about to commence in London on Tues 14th Sept, days before the Pope’s visit. This is a discussion on celibacy, sharing someone’s personal experiences & views, designed to spark off & initiate debate.

Simple Ways to a Lasting Relationship

Relationship and dating come to be the most consequential part in our life. It is very sensitive when we get to be part of this situation. Both of these things need to be discussed and planned.

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