How Do You Know She’s The One? 5 Signs She’s The One & 1 Red Flag! 🚩

How Do You Know She’s The One? 5 Signs She’s The One & 1 Red Flag! 🚩

I Really Need to Marry This Guy! How Do I Convince Him? 7 Sure Fire Ways Which Will Help You

You are crazy about him and want him to propose, but are not sure if he is impressed with you and is willing to take that step. Here are some great ways in which you can impress him in such a way that he will throw caution to the wind and will propose to you.

The Ying and Yang Of Relationships

I would like to now discuss the changes occurring within our relationships. This includes all forms of relationships: families, intimate relationships, friendships, acquaintances and even people that are passing through our lives at the moment. This universe is made up of the Ying and Yang (night & day, sun & moon, logic & intuition) – we are a hologram of all that is, and this interrelates through our left and right brain.

What to Do If Your Man Is Always Making Fun of You? 7 Tips You Have to Follow Right Away

It can be very painful when the man you like chooses to make fun of you at all times. If your man is being a pain and is causing you pain by making fun of you here is what you need to do to make him stop.

Topics to Talk About on a 2nd Date

The first date was awesome. Pat in the back. Now, what will you do next?

Should We Live Together Or Get Married?

Couples enter counseling with me often with the question, “Should we live together or get married?” As a psychologist and couples therapist, I have been trained to explore questions first, prior to giving an answer. And the truth is, for this question, I don’t HAVE an answer, though I do have access to a great deal of data and I do have a response. My response is not focused upon morality, value judgments, or religious beliefs. It is focused on the issue of commitment. So, the really critical question I would ask couples is, what is your commitment in this relationship? The commitment of “living together” is much different than the commitment of marriage.

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