How Long Should a First Date Last?

How Long Should a First Date Last?

A Beachfront View of Entangled Seaweed and the Growing Up of Our Children

We live in an ocean. It is rough and boisterous with fearful frosty waves on the surface at times. There are white pearls and pieces of eight sitting at the bottom. Hovering above the deeps at all times waiting are the sharks. How you explore your world will determine what it means to you; that is if fate doesn’t screw up the process. Or maybe fate should hinder the process.

The Digital Boyfriend Test: Can Your Online Love Become Real?

With all the sexting, texting and online dating in our culture, sometimes it’s hard for a girl to tell if an online crush is real or not. While it’s fun to get a charge out of his text-based flirting, can a digital fake boyfriend morph into a real life relationship. I mean, let’s be honest, for some guys a keyboard tryst is just that. He may not ever intend to move further than a sexting relationship. So here are some questions to ask yourself:

Relationships: The Healing Power Of Relationships

Whether it is relationships with friends, acquaintances or spousal for example; they all have the potential for healing and consequently growth to occur. Opportunities are presented for one to integrate and process those parts that lay dormant; that are waiting to be realised. We are also given the chance to heal or let go of those parts that are negative or dysfunctional.

Rationalizations and Explanations You Use to Justify NOT Changing an Unsatisfying Relationship

Often when you find yourself in a relationship that isn’t satisfying but are afraid to make a change, you use rationalizations and explanations to justify to yourself why you don’t initiate any change – be it within the relationship or leaving it. When you become aware of your rationalizations and explanations and the fears that control them, you can stop justifying yourself and move forward in making the necessary changes.

Time And Relationships: Sexiness Can Survive

People in relationships spend so much time worrying about how to keep love alive. While it is human nature, it is debilitating to the relationship. If we could learn to flow with love, we would be better off. If we could simply learn our partner and their ways, then what we have to do to keep them intrigued would be all the easier. I stress this often, friendship is imperative in any relationship. When you are friends, there is greater knowledge of one another, greater understanding of each others ways, and, more tolerance of things which we do not care for.

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