How Often Should I Text Her To Keep Her Interested? #Shorts

How Often Should I Text Her To Keep Her Interested? #Shorts

Revealed! Top Premarital Counseling Questions So You Can Be Prepared

If you are considering premarital counseling, the last thing you want is to be caught off guard because you didn’t know what questions to expect! Here are the most common topics that you are likely to explore during your sessions.

Relationship Wisdom – Relationship With an Age Difference

Intimate relationships between human beings with a significant age gap have always existed for different reasons. In the past it might have been to ensure an heir or to attain wealth or for some it might have been love. Nowadays the reasons are really not that different. The judgments however have significantly increased.

Christian Codependency: How to Recognize Burnout

Are you looking for Christian codependency help that will enable you to recognize burnout? “Burnout” occurs when you have pushed yourself too far for too long (usually because you believe you have no other choice and God wants you to), and as a result you find yourself emotionally, physically, spiritually, and/or relationally spent. It is important to know how to recognize burnout so you can make adjustments before there are long-term negative consequences to your ministry, job, business, body, or relationships. Here are the signs…

Female Led Relationships and Chastity

There is a lot to say about female led relationships. But they aren’t always what people think they are. For example, a lot of people assume that a female led relationship means the man is an unwilling slave to a very dominating female partner and he has no rights or say in anything that goes on. A common fantasy, to be sure, but, alas, one that is very rare. In this article, then, we’re looking at the truth about female led relationships in the real world.

Helpful Tips To Help You Succeed In A Relationship

In any relationship, marital or otherwise, there are bound to be disagreements and bickering. In fact, infrequent debates can help to make it clearer where you and your partner stand on certain issues, as well as providing opportunities to establish the compromises necessary for a successful long-term relationship. Like anything else, though, there’s a right way and a wrong way to argue. This article discusses strategies for making the most of the arguments you have with your loved one. Fights may be stressful, but, when done the right way, they can strengthen your relationship.

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