How People Pleasing Is Messing With Your Dating Life #Shorts

How People Pleasing Is Messing With Your Dating Life #Shorts

Does He Still Love Me? – Just Notice 3 Things and Understand His True Feelings

This question seems very interesting, but the answer to this question is very difficult to obtain. For some people, this question is so important that their lives depend on it. Especially for a woman, this question is of enormous importance, because this question repeatedly comes into her life.

The One Thing You Need to Know About Setting Boundaries That Will Change You Life Forever

Do you ever set boundaries only to have them not respected? Do you find that you cross your own boundaries all the time, and then feel bad about it? In this article we will discuss a system for setting boundaries that people in you life will actually respect.

What Makes Your Hurt Greater Than Mine?

When parents choose favorites among their children and dies, the hurt, pain and suffering among the ones that are not favored can have its disadvantages. Sitting here in my study, I realize that today is the second month anniversary of my mother’s death. Being the oldest of seven, I have witnessed the disadvantages of the mental suffering and distress that has hindered our growth of grieving and moving on because of the unfavorable and unsympathetic actions of the “favorite” child. The “favorite” child among my siblings is our sister who is the middle child and all of her life my mother always took care of her and pulled her load in life. At the age of fifty-two my sister has never purchased a car because our mother always bought them for her. Once our mother expressed because our sister never married and birth two children she needed more help than the other siblings. The success of my other siblings generated from hard work and education and these things were not given to us on a silver platter. One thing is clear, having a “favorite” child has been a “thorn” in our sides and we are brokenhearted because of it.

Relationships: Why Wait Until It’s Too Late?

It seems that almost every week I have an individual on my therapy couch who is upset over a lost relationship. There are usually tears and statements such as “I know that I wasn’t a good partner but I never knew that s/he would leave!” Often this statement ends with the word “again”.

Signs From A Girl You Should Ignore

Relationships are very sweet but sometimes they can be tricky more so when you choose the wrong girl. As much as it can be hard to notice such kind of a girl at the beginning of a relationship, as a relationship progresses there are some signs from a girl that should lead you to make important decision. Remember that you should forever be confined in a relationship that will always make you regret each day of your life. Therefore be wary of these signs so as to ignore such a girl if necessary.

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