How ‘Red Pill’ Can Ruin Your Dating Life and Backfires on Men

How 'Red Pill' Can Ruin Your Dating Life and Backfires on Men

What To Do For A First Date

First date is key to setting up a second date. Here are some ideas for helping you get there.

Why Do Guys Act Like They Don’t Care – Here Are the Main Reasons for Their “Cold” Behavior!

Men have a way of letting a woman know their feelings by their body language and their behavior. If your guy has been acting like he is not in the least bit interested in you it may be that he actually does! Take a peek at these tips. They will help you to understand this cold behavior of guys better!

Why Are Some Guys Afraid of Marriage – Learn the Truth About Why Some Men Always Fear Commitment

One of the biggest questions women have is “why are men afraid of getting married?” and the answer to that could be a lot of reasons that women are not aware of! Some of the most common are listed below. Read them and perhaps you will understand why your guy is so reluctant to walk up the aisle with you.

Defying ‘Little Bird’ Conditions of Blackmail and Manipulation

Human beings can be manipulative creatures; blackmailing those they’re in cahoots with at the slightest hint of not getting their own way. Of course, it’s the rampant co-dependency of a threatened person who’ll say, “A little bird told me to tell you to do/not do [the condition].” So, what can be done about it. The use of trusted advisers helps.

Is He Falling for You – How to Spot the Signs of Interest Before It Might Just Be Too Late

Even though you notice him looking at you, you can’t be sure of his interest. You know that he could just be admiring you from afar but is not really interested in getting into a relationship or dating you. This is why you want to test and see if he is really interested in you. Here are some excellent ways you can do that.

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