How To Be Edgy When Talking To Women | THIS Attracts ALL Women

How To Be Edgy When Talking To Women | THIS Attracts ALL Women

Is It Really Better to Give Than to Receive?

For a relationship to succeed, there needs to be a balance between the giving and the taking. Sometimes one person has to do more giving, but if this continues, there is apt to be resentment and a feeling of being taken for granted.

Saving Your Relationship By Thirty Percent

Would you like an extended warranty on your marriage? Wouldn’t that be nice? It’s important to look at our relationships as investments with good returns. This article will help you increase the odds of having a lasting relationship.

Dating Tips For Women – Get Them Straight From Your Experienced Friends

Are you still looking for the right man to bring you down the aisle in the near future? Have you been dating for a long time now and still haven’t found the man of your dreams? Don’t give up just yet.

Stray Thoughts on Desire and Lust

In college, I read Ovid the classical Roman poet and his concept of ‘gaze’. It is a word that is the beginning of all feelings. Ovid related this word to women.

Top Tips to Build Relationships in Organizations

Take a moment and think about a leader in your organization whom you would consider best in maximizing relationships. How do you describe such a leader? Some descriptions that may immediately come to mind are trustworthy, empathy, concerned for others, understanding, building employee commitment and engagement and motivating.

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