How To Be More Charming On Dates with Women #Shorts

How To Be More Charming On Dates with Women #Shorts

How To Get Him Back Even If It Seems Hopeless – 2 Essential Strategies

The male ego is extremely powerful and can be used to win him back. Kevin shows you two powerful ways to engage his male ego and truly get him back forever. He once thought you were the light of his life and the only girl for him. Do you genuinely want him back? Well here are two exceptionally powerful ways to get your boyfriend back but it takes work.

How to Make Your Guy Commit to You

So many women think that men have an issue with making a commitment to them. While it is true there are some men that have no interest in getting married anytime soon, the majority of men do want to make a commitment as much as any woman.

Island Wedding: Get Married in a Villa or on the Beach?

Should you get married on the beach or in a villa? Look at the pros of both scenarios.

The Dignified and Their Gift of Dignity

The highest order of all gifts to give another person, surely, is the gift of dignity. Dignity is meeting a four-year-old on the street, hand in hand with her parent, and getting beyond the temptation to say, “Oh, how cute is she!” It’s meeting the 89-year-old in the home for older people, disregarding physical or mental state of wares, and getting beyond the temptation of seeing this person as “over the hill.” It’s meeting the single mum at face value, without judgment, admiring her tenacity to parent as her best.

The Powers of Acceptance and Rejection

No one, no matter how ‘mature’ they are, is impervious to this test of character: ‘Reject me, and I respond, at least in some negative way, against you.’ When rejected – and there are so many ways, and for so many reasons, to feel or be rejected – some will become forlorn and withdraw, others will fight back, dismiss or even attack the rejecter, and others again will laugh at the rejecter’s audacity. But none of these is a loving response. Very few people are consistently capable of the loving response. Jesus of Nazareth shows the way in this regard; Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, and the Reverend Wade Watts have been contemporary disciples. But we, as a people, struggle with rejection.

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