How to Be Mysterious with Women You’re Dating (5 Techniques)

How to Be Mysterious with Women You’re Dating (5 Techniques)

Can You Get a Man to Commit, or Is It Just a Lost Cause?

You don’t need to go insane trying to get a man to commit, but there are some adjustments that 90% of women need to make in order to get their man to want to commit. When you understand what a man’s triggers are, you can use them to your advantage instead of them being used to push him away.

What Makes a Relationship Last Longer

Today women and men alike strive to maintain the same level of charisma and chemistry which is present at the beginning of their relationship. Some people rely on expensive gifts to make their partner happy, whereas some try to keep things fresh by trying new things together, yet others try to change the way they look. In this article I will give you a few simple tips to make your relationship stronger and long-lasting.

How to Make Him Love You – The 4 Must-Haves Men Look For in Their Ideal Woman

If you want to know how to make him love you, you need to understand the true meanings of love. Love only happens once and sustains whole life. In this world, it’s the most beautiful thing. It’s like that mountain on which it’s very important to climb slowly and carefully. If we won’t climb carefully, we’ll fall into despairs. And, if we’ll climb carefully and sensibly, then we’ll touch the heights of love.

Christian Relationship Help: Five Signs You Are Enabling Your Parents

While there are justifiable reasons to help parents sacrificially that include poor health, catastrophe, and things beyond their control, there are also things you can do that are unhealthy for you and them. Enabling is when your intervention allows someone to continue to do things that aren’t good. Here are five signs that you are enabling your parents…

Christian Relationship Help: Healthy and Unhealthy Triangulation in Dysfunctional Families

Triangulation in dysfunctional families can be healthy and unhealthy. There are many ways you can “triangulate” which simply means to get involved in a relationship between two people in an attempt to fix it. Dysfunctional family dynamics give you many opportunities to get involved some of which are okay and some not okay.

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