How To Date In Your 50s As A Man

How To Date In Your 50s As A Man

Battling the Master Manipulator

The bully distorts human relationships, making them unrelational. It’s the only way he can get away with the things he does conscience-free. By keeping things unrelational, by not seeing people as people, he is able to treat them with scant regard. “It’s all business,” is their compelling inner mantra. Then he picks on negative personality traits – which are easy targets for the bully. Negative personality traits we all have. They are easy to pick and pick on.

5 Tips For Improving The Communication In Your Relationship

Real communication in a relationship involves honesty, having fun, learning to avoid arguments and not putting each other down. Doing so will help create a more intimate and productive relationship. In this article, we’ve assembled some tips that will help you enhance the communication between you and your partner so you can start having a better relationship.

What Men Want in a Relationship (One Important Formula Revealed)

If you don’t know what men want in a long-term relationship, then you have to learn from a great artist. In our relationships, we are like artists. If our existence, or love, is common, the sun of our happiness will set soon. We’ll crave for joy, love, and laughter in our relationship. But, if our love is great, then every day of our life will be interesting, colorful, and beautiful. We’ll spend our lives in the best ways.

Do We Have Unlimited Freedom?

Summary: Freedom is a universal sentiment and has been so granted even by law. But in practice it is subject to several constraints. Resolution of these constraints demands perpetual intellectual efforts. Often freedom does not mean more than freedom to perform one’s duties without fear of repercussions and reservations. It does not mean freedom to enjoy one’s whims and fancies.

Giving Thanks for Your Partner: How Appreciating the Good Can Transform Your Relationship

Are you taking your partner for granted OR, even worse, focusing on what she/he isn’t doing or saying? If you wish your partner would change, and have already asked, pleaded or begged for these changes to be made, it’s time to stop. Not only will this fail to bring about the changes you desire, it will actually hurt your relationship!

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