How to DM a Girl on Instagram EXAMPLES & OPENING LINES

How to DM a Girl on Instagram EXAMPLES & OPENING LINES

10 Ways to Keep the Love Fire Burning!

“FireProof” the movie…if you haven’t seen it, get it and watch it with your spouse. If you’ve seen it already, watch it again! Buy the book too, and follow it to the letter.

How to Create a Romantic Valentine’s Day Card

Remember back when you were a kid and Valentine’s Day was just an awesome excuse to get candy in school and trade Valentine cards with Ninja Turtles or Barbie on them? Those days have long past, but why not go old school this Valentine’s Day by hand-making her a Valentine’s Day card complete with a heart felt message? Whether you’ve got mad poetry skills or have romance abilities that would make Shakespeare himself cringe, these easy to follow tips will have you sounding like Casanova in no time.

Sensual Massage Oil Ritual

Do you want to revive your connection with your beloved? Do you wish to maintain and deepen in the intimacy you can share together? Do you desire a magical evening of love and tenderness that refreshes your connection?

5 Signs a Relationship Is Over

When a relationship is over sometimes it can be hard to come to terms with. Especially if one member of the partnership is unwilling to accept it. Sometimes there may be signs a relationship is over but the people in the relationship may still be unsure. Because of this uncertainty people often stay in relationships simply hoping the situation will get better with time.

Reviewing That Relationship

How is that relationship shaping up? Do you have reservations? Here are some observations that may be helpful in assessing your particular situation.

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