How To End A Friends With Benefits Relationship #Shorts

How To End A Friends With Benefits Relationship #Shorts

Christian Codependency: Understanding Powerlessness in Your Difficult Relationships

Are you struggling with Christian codependency? How much time and energy do you spend trying to change your difficult loved one?Are you confused about what it means to be powerless in your difficult relationships? This article will help you understand the importance of powerlessness in your relationships.

Relationships: What Is A Relationship Triangle?

When it comes to a relationship there are typically two people involved. And what goes on in this relationship is primarily between these two individuals. This could be between: lovers, friends, colleagues or family. And this relationship it is almost certain to lead to moments or stories being shared and expressed to other people.

Dating Tips To Follow and Avoid

Everyone is exited for their first date with partner, also exited before meet. It’s just a beginning of a relationship at the day of first date.

Learning to Appreciate the ‘Differences’ in Your Relationship!

Too often we place emphasis on attracting ‘similar’ people to ourselves; those with common interests, shared views, similar backgrounds… Yet what of the value of ‘differences’ in your relationship? Perhaps they are more complementary than you think!

Human Relationships: Marriage, Live-In Or Back-Tracking To Animal Instinct

Marriage as an institution is giving way to Live-in relationships. Relationship with in-laws is an outdated concept; no longer a vital parameter, just a desirable feature. Maybe family as an institution in human civilisation be obsolete sooner. Our intelligence puts us at higher pedestal over animals; but at a huge cost of cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, drugs, drinks and divorces. Should we live by instinct as animals do, as animals abide by God’s dictates?

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