How to Feel Sexy on a Date

How to Feel Sexy on a Date

How To Attract Happy People: Replace Negative Thinking

Why is it so hard to attract happy people for your relationships? At some point in the recent past the default way of thinking changed from our natural way of living in abundance, where everything easily flows, to one of scarcity.

Just One

Recently while surfing the net, I came across a song I haven’t heard for some time, “It Only Takes a Spark.” Amazing lyrics. “It only takes one spark to get a fire going. And soon all those around can warm up in its glowing…” What an incredible thought! The impression, the impact, the influence in the touch of just one person -one encounter -one word -one action -one embrace -one prayer -one smile can be powerful enough to ignite a wave of change, growth and hope in multitudes of lives.

Do You Make These Avoidable Relationship Mistakes?

We all make avoidable mistakes. Here is a tool to help fix them!

What Is a Conscious Relationship?

If you ask some couples, as I have, if they’re in a “conscious” relationship, some of the partners will respond, “Sure,” “You bet!” “Of course!” and the like. Then, I might ask, “Are you in a relationship where you’re both completely transparent and honest with each other?” Being transparent means that you honestly consistently tell the truth to your partner – about your feelings, desires, fantasies, thoughts, actions, and all other important aspects of your experience. This is usually when one or the other or both become a little uncomfortable. They may move uncomfortable, fidget a little or look down at the floor.

Overcoming Social Isolation

When I was a freshman in college I went through a severe bout of depression. A lot of it was due to the relationships in my life. It was my first time away from home, in a new town, and I didn’t have many people to talk to or hang out with.

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