How To Get A Girlfriend (Even If She’s Not Interested In You At First)

How To Get A Girlfriend (Even If She’s Not Interested In You At First)

Instant Healing Of Your Ego Wounded Self? It Doesn’t Exist

Do you think you should be farther along in your healing than you are? Do you get discouraged when dealing with the same issues over and over? You’re not alone!

Loving People Well With Boundaries

I wasn’t in paid ministry very long – first day, in fact – before my then senior pastor gave me a salient lesson on boundaries. It would be a lesson I was destined to learn the hard way.

Opinion Is a Privilege, Not a Right

One week teaches us much if we care to reflect and observe. God had this sort of conversation with me recently: “Watch and learn about how your opinion polarises or changes – see how fickle it is – watch and learn about others’ opinions – watch and learn, thirdly, about the ruin opinion brings.”

Will I Ever Be Forgiven?

Have you ever had a time when you felt you had transgressed a significant relationship so much you felt you may not ever be forgiven? I’m sure you relate. There have been possibly a dozen or more times like that in my life.

Relationships: Do Some People’s Childhood Set Them Up To Feel Safe With Abuse?

While there are people in the world who are in healthy relationships, there are others who aren’t. As a result of this, some people are going to be with people who have a negative effect on them.

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